No dog should need to be rescued twice…Mostly Mutts of Sunbury, PA


November 21, 2021 Mostly Mutts


I wish all adoption stories could have the amazing outcome we did with our boy Astro! From day one in December 2018, he settled in like he had always lived here. While it may have taken his new housemate/fur sister a little bit longer to accept she had to share the bed, it didn’t taken them long to miss each other when separated (although sharing the bed at night is still an ordeal, ha, ha).

The newspaper posting said “Astro loves to play with toys” and that couldn’t have been any closer to the truth! Astro is obsessed with his toys and loves ALL of them! He is a constant source of energy and entertainment. The memories that he has created will always be cherished.

Astro, there isn’t a day we regret bringing you into our home and we are so glad that you accepted us as your furever people.

Love, The Schwemm Family

Momma (Mandy), Daddy (Devin), and your big little sis Zoey

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