No dog should need to be rescued twice…Mostly Mutts of Sunbury, PA

Ways to Help

Sunbury Motor Company

Sunbury Motor Company – Sunbury Motor Company is providing us with a wonderful opportunity to raise more funds for the shelter. They’ve redirected a large portion of the monthly advertising budget to local charitable donations. They will donate $225 to designated non-profit organizations for each vehicle (new or used) sold through a referral program. New makes sold include Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Kia, and Hyundai. As mentioned, used vehicles are included in this offer as well. If you and/or your friends and family are considering a new or used car and you think Sunbury Motor Company may be the dealer of choice, please contact Cindy Shamp (570-473-1029) for a referral letter that will enable Mostly Mutts to receive the charitable designation, or you may download and print the letter HERE. This $225 is not an add-on to your purchase price. You don’t present the letter until your deal is completed, but the letter must be given at that time for Mostly Mutts to receive the donation. We will not get credit if it is turned in any time after the sale date. Many thanks to Sunbury Motor Company!

Community Aid Thrift Store

All the Community Aid bins have now been removed. In order for Mostly Mutts to get credit for donations please take your items over to the donation center.

If you drive around the side, you will see the area marked for drop off. Please tell them the name of our organization: Mostly Mutts and our partner number 30052.

We will be reimbursed for cloth type donations (clothing, blankets, sheets, toys, electronics and household items, etc.) at the rate of $.06 a pound. Other items can be dropped off but we won’t get paid for them.


Boyer’s Market

Do you shop at Boyer’s Market? If so, your purchases can yield funds for Mostly Mutts and it won’t cost you a penny. All you need to do is get a key ring scan card from us and present it when you check out. Mostly Mutts will get 1% of your total shopping costs excluding  milk, tax, and tobacco products. Get a key ring at events, meetings, or contact Cindy Shamp @ 570-473- 1029 or Lynn Jordan @ 570-374-2989.

Wish List on Chewy

Mostly Mutts has registered with Chewy, which makes it very easy to donate items for the Mutts! We now have a Wish List on Chewy with high priority items noted that are always needed.

The direct link to our Mutts Wish List is:  Just sign in to your account and start shopping!

If the above link doesn’t work for you, log in to your account, go to My Rescues, then under My Favorite Rescues choose Find a Rescue. From there you can search by zip code (17801), location (Sunbury Pa), or organization (Mostly Mutts Inc). Please note there are other Mostly Mutts. We are Mostly Mutts Inc.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and this makes it so easy to get what is needed.


Become a Member of Mostly Mutts

By means of a yearly subscription, you can help us to pursue our adoption programs and to care for the many dogs housed at the shelter. Open the Membership Application and follow the instructions. CLICK HERE


Sponsoring a Dog/Dogs:

Not everyone can adopt a dog but everyone can sponsor one. Some dogs at the shelter need specialized medical attention, behavioral training, or just extra love before they can find their forever home. These dogs can have all the time they need but they need your help too. Follow the instructions on the sponsorship form, fill it out, and mail it to the indicated address. CLICK HERE



Purina Receipts (In place of Weight Circles)

Effective September 15th 2018: Purina is now no longer accepting weight circles. In place of the circles, they will now be accepting receipts from Purina food purchases. You can still continue to support Mostly Mutts by sending us these food receipts instead of collecting the weight circles.

Please send your receipts to  Cindy Shamp, 949 Point Township Drive, Northumberland, PA 17857.

We thank you and the mutts thank you for your continued support, as every little bit helps.

However, if you would still continue to collect the weight circles we would appreciate it. That way we will still have them just in case they become of use again. If you have trouble identifying these weight circles, please click HERE for a picture to help you. The weight circles can be sent to Cindy as well.

Buy a Mostly Mutts Shirt

You can show your support of Mostly Mutts by wearing one of our shirts!

Short sleeve t-shirts are available in solid and tie-dye colors.
Long sleeve shirts are available in tie-dye colors.  Hoodie sweatshirts are available in solid colors.

Currently most shirts are available in Adult sizes only. Youth sizes are available in solid short sleeved t-shirts only.

Look for our shirts at MOST events.  (We do not sell them when we are at PetSmart.)

For specific information about available styles, colors, and sizes, please contact Cindy Shamp at (570)473-1029.

Purina Free Coupons

Mostly Mutts volunteers ask that we don’t forget to call Purina @ 1-800-778-7462 once a month for the free $1.00 coupons for dog and cat food. If you do not use them yourself, please send to Cindy Shamp, 949 Point Township Drive, Northumberland, PA 17857 for use at the Mostly Mutts shelter.

Visit through this link Place your first order and will donate $20.00 to Mostly Mutts! Shop and help support the shelter.