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Niblet (now Brady)

Niblet (now Brady)
December 2, 2015 Mostly Mutts
Niblet Happy Tail

Here’s an update on Brady, aka Niblet.  We started dog training classes the first week that Brady came to live with us in January 2014.  At first very shy, he gravitated more towards the other people in the class than the other dogs.  Over the next few months though, he began to come out of his shell, and by April earned his Good Canine Citizen certificate.  Seeing what a friendly pup he was, Connie Cuff encouraged us to pursue getting him certified as a therapy dog, and he recently passed his test in September!  He has enjoyed visiting with students at Bucknell University and residents at Grayson View senior living home.   Also, he has a great time with our kids and their friends, and has become a part of the family.


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