No dog should need to be rescued twice…Mostly Mutts of Sunbury, PA


April 19, 2021 Mostly Mutts

Buckeye joined our family in February 2018 at the ripe old age of 3 1/2 years.  She has brought much joy to my husband and myself.  She is a loving dog, who lets you know when she hasn’t had enough love by jumping into your lap and hanging her head down.  Buckeye loves riding in the car, so everywhere we go, she comes along.  She has traveled with us to several states, enjoying her time in new hotels.  She is the typical beagle, she makes you feel guilty with her sad eyes, however, she is happy as a lark.  Everyday, we take her to the bark park, where she plays with her boyfriend, Winston, a Daschund and her other friends.  We are so thankful to Mostly Mutts for providing us with the opportunity to have her in our family.

Jenifer Brennan

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