No dog should need to be rescued twice…Mostly Mutts of Sunbury, PA


November 21, 2021 Mostly Mutts


Patty was in your rescue (Mostly Mutts) with the name of “Sonic” years ago. Her original family came to your facility looking for a dog and discovered her there. They said her name was Penny, and ended up taking her back.

Friends of mine found her roaming the streets of Sunbury at the end of 2016. They brought her to the Sunbury Animal Hospital where staff attempted to find her family. My friends got a phone call in 2017 from the animal hospital saying that they located her family, but they didn’t want her anymore. My friends were given the option to either come get her or they would have to put her down. Naturally, my friends went and got her, and they asked if I wanted to take care of her.

Now named Patty, we’ve had her since April 9, 2017. Patty is an absolute joy in our lives. She’s pampered here, and given all of the attention that she missed out on in her earlier years.

Chris Raleigh

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