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April 19, 2021 Mostly Mutts

I just wanted to give Mostly Mutts an update on our Justin (we kept his name from the kennel when we rescued him in 2013 so as not to confuse him). Although he has many names, his momma calls him Scooby Doo, Sugar Butt, and I call him Muscle Butt and Tank … which I am sure anyone who ever took him for a walk would understand. He loves to just push his way into whatever he feels he wants!

He has been spoiled to death, which we call “extra special” so not to make him feel too bad! We love our Justin and consider him our son. He loves picking on his sister Gracie until she “snaps” on him, then he walks away wagging his tail … quite the bear poker! And that comes with the Jack Russell, but I wouldn’t want him any other way.

Of course the JRT has gotten him into trouble, which entails eating three Bergenstock sandals of his momma’s for attention. So after the third shoe, his momma figured out to put them up high enough so he couldn’t get them.

He is our cuddle bug and we love him to death … he has found his forever home indeed!
Thanks, again, Mostly Mutts!

Kerry and Stephanie Broadt

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