No dog should need to be rescued twice…Mostly Mutts of Sunbury, PA


April 19, 2021 Mostly Mutts

Nanook was adopted nearly 7 years ago.  She was estimated to be about 6 or 7 months old at the time,  She was very “people” shy.  In fact, at one point, they thought she had been a feral pup, but later determined that she was more likely just not treated very nicely.  Nanook was a tough cookie and took some working with.  We traveled to spend time with her every other day for 2 weeks before bringing her home.  It was definitely a process but she has come a LONG way!  She even lets us dress her up now!!!  She still has some quirky habits, but is the absolute best dog.  We are so thankful for finding MM and for owner Cheryl and all of the amazing volunteers there!

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