No dog should need to be rescued twice…Mostly Mutts of Sunbury, PA


April 19, 2021 Mostly Mutts

Sofie, our sweet pup, has been part of our family, and running it, for 12 years. Our vet guessed that she’s a poodle-schnauzer mix and was around 3 years old when we adopted her. At 15 she’s still in relatively good health. She now has arthritis in her hips and has lost her hearing for the most part, but at 105 people years most of us would be in the same boat, if we’re lucky! She still manages the stairs just fine but needs help getting on our bed, which she thinks is hers and is kind enough to share with us. Needless to say we have tried to provide a good life for her and, in return, she has enriched ours beyond words.

Libby Meadow and Paul Susman

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